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Stereography - 3D inside your screen

Welcome to the vision of real depth in photography. This website serves online 3D photo maker and browser at the same time. There are many ways you can watch the images, and only you decide:

1) Stereo animation (so called Wiggle) - no tools are needed to see it.
2) Anaglyph - this method creates better feeling of depth, but you must watch it with the color glasses.
3) Interlaced mode - provides even better 3D effect without a color distortion, but you need special 3D glasses and a screen with the odd and even rows differently polarized.
4) and 5) Parallel and cross-eyed display, which don't need any tools as well, only a special way of looking at them.

Some photos contain hidden focus zones, which enhance the depth effect especially in the animated mode. If you roll the mouse over such zone, the scene gets focused on it. You can see all hiden focus zones if you roll the mouse over the small icon in the right bottom of the screen (if there is one present in the particular photo).

Online anaglyph maker

Do you have two stereo photos taken one besides the other and want to easily create single red-cyan 3D anaglyph? Try our online anaglyph generator. The generator can also correct some inaccuracies which may have occured while taking the photo.

Create your own 3D presentation

Making stereo photos is not only for the chosen ones. You can create 3d photos and publish them on by yourself quite easily. The only thing you need is a digital camera. Shoot the same scene twice (for example your room), with the only difference the second photo paralelly shifted some two inches (or 6 cm) to the right. Sign up for, where you upload both photos to the server (visible only by you for now) and align them with easy-to-use online 3D photo editor. If your snapshots were taken right, the image suddenly gains new depth. Your 3D photo is created. You can now publish it, attaching link to your website, if you want. More details about making stereo photos here.

Publishing your stereo photos on, you let the viewers decide the way which they want to see them. Besides the stereo photographs, you can present here classical 2D photos and images as well.

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Contact: Created by Thunderbird Animations, 2012